Frame Therapeutics B.V. is now CureVac Netherlands B.V.

Personalized anti-cancer therapy, maximizing immunogenicity.



July 1, 2022

CureVac Netherlands BV

July 1st marks the official closing of the acquisition deal between CureVac NV and Frame Therapeutics BV. Frame will continue as a legal entity under the name CureVac Netherlands BV. This Dutch legal entity is a full subsidiary of the German holding CureVac AG. The Managing Board of CureVac Netherlands BV will consist of Prof. Ronald Plasterk and Dr. Wigard Kloosterman. The Supervisory Board will consist of Dr. Franz-Werner Haas (CEO), Pierre Kemula (CFO), and Dr. Marco Rau (General Counsel).

Transforming the treatment of cancer by stimulating the immune system

Dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer

Frame Therapeutics is dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer by directing the immune system towards Frame neoantigens. We are developing personalized cancer immunotherapies, that are designed based on the Frame neoantigens uniquely encoded by the genome of each patient's tumor. 

Our technology is based on the combination of two recent breakthrough developments in genomics and immunotherapy. First, next generation Whole Genome sequencing technology makes it possible to rapidly identify the differences between genomes of healthy cells and tumor cells. Those mutations may lead to neoantigens and the development of a tumor. These developments make it possible to effectively create a personalized vaccine that is based on the tumor DNA sequence of the patient. The idea of vaccination is to stimulate the immune system, and to teach it to target neoantigens that it did not respond to before.

Second, new developments in immunology have made immunotherapy of cancer a new treatment option, in addition to the three classic pillars of oncological treatment: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Analysis of mutations across thousands of tumors helped us identify the best neoantigens to include in immunotherapy. Currently, Frame Therapeutics has pre-clinical programs for development of personalised and off-the-shelf vaccines for the treatment of a variety of cancers.

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At Frame Therapeutics, we are committed to progressing the field of immunotherapy, with a goal to eradicate cancer by initially developing anti-cancer vaccines that focus on the unique and individual nature of a patient’s tumor. Our dynamic team combines novel science with focus on team work, and we are looking for passionate, innovative people to join us.

Frame Therapeutics is always open to discuss potential partnerships to accelerate the development of anti-cancer immunotherapies. Please feel free to contact us.