July 1, 2022

CureVac Netherlands BV



Frame Therapeutics has become CureVac Netherlands BV.
July 1 marks the official closing of the acquisition deal between CureVac NV and Frame Therapeutics BV and as of this date, Frame will no longer exist as a company. Frame will continue as a legal entity under the name CureVac Netherlands BV. This Dutch legal entity is a full subsidiary of the German holding CureVac AG. The Managing Board of CureVac Netherlands BV will consist of Prof. Ronald Plasterk and Dr. Wigard Kloosterman. The Supervisory Board will consist of Dr. Franz-Werner Haas (CEO), Pierre Kemula (CFO), and Dr. Marco Rau (General Counsel).

The acquisition of Frame Therapeutics by CureVac started end of 2021 and the ample scientific and strategic synergies were noticed right away. CureVac is pioneer in the area of mRNA vaccine technology and Frame has discovered classes of new properties (‘antigens’) of tumors that can be applied to design new cancer vaccines. The combination of the two is very powerful. CureVac is diversifying into the area of oncology, and doing so by consistent consecutive steps, of which this acquisition is the latest. Please read the latest press release on this acquisition here

CureVac Netherlands BV will continue to dedicate its efforts to the discovery and validation of cancer antigens. The team has previously developed genomics and bioinformatics technology (FramePro) to identify all classes of neo open reading frame peptides (NOPs) that are specifically expressed by tumor cells and these form an attractive target for cancer immunotherapy. In the coming months, our efforts will be accelerated by focusing on the design of a first off-the-shelf vaccine targeting a number of shared cancer antigens, which is expected to enter the clinic in 2024. In parallel, the antigen discovery technology will be improved and expanded with the goal to develop a platform that enables the detection of all possible antigens expressed by cancer cells. Such platform will form the basis for off-the-shelf and personalised vaccine design for many different cancer types.

All nine former Frame employees have now become part of the CureVac team, and Frame’s former CMO Bob Löwenberg has joined CureVac as a Scientific and Clinical Advisor. The team will remain in Amsterdam, where we will attract more talent and expand our space with more labs and offices in the Science Park Matrix building. CureVac has its main site in Tübingen, with affiliations in Frankfurt, Ghent (Belgium) and Boston (USA).

The Frame Team is looking back on 3,5 incredible years of hard work, innovation and growth and we would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed or supported us during our journey.

Please note that this website will be offline from August 1, 2022. Please be informed on our future developments via the CureVac website.