November 10, 2021

Frame presents at scientific conferences



Recently Frame Therapeutics has participated in several conferences related to developing novel therapies. We have had the opportunity to share our unique approach and contribution to the growing field of cancer vaccines with big pharma, pioneering academics and leading biotech companies from the field. One of the highlights was our CSO Wigard Kloosterman chairing the Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit and the praising words he received on his moderation skills and questions afterwards. Also, Frame’s CEO Ronald Plasterk spoke at the annual Boston Neoantigen-based Therapies Summit and elaborated on our successful proprietary FramePro pipeline approach to identify and select the best tumor neoantigens for vaccination.

With most events being held virtually, Ronald Plasterk also has had the chance to physically present our concept of Whole Framome Vaccination at the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days in Leiden, a conference focused on translational medicine in the drug research field. Fortunately, there soon will be another opportunity to physically outline our Frame-based immunotherapy. On November 24, Principal Scientist Immunology Katka Franke, PhD, will speak at the Next Frontiers in Cancer Vaccines meeting in Amsterdam. For this meeting concerning therapeutic cancer vaccines, HollandBio has joined forces with Oncode Institute to organize this event about therapeutic cancer vaccines and we proudly share the stage with well-known other scientists. Furthermore, Frame’s CSO Wigard Kloosterman will make an appearance at the Vaccines in the RNA Industry conference in London on February 8, 2022. He will speak about Frame’s contribution to the rapidly expanding industry of RNA therapeutics as we combine Whole Genome Sequencing with both long range RNA sequencing (via Oxford Nanopore) and short read RNA sequencing.

Update 18/01/2022: due to current Dutch COVID19-measures the Next Frontiers in Cancer Vaccines meeting on November 24, 2021 has been postponed and Wigard's talk at the Vaccines in the RNA Industry conference on February 8, 2022 has been canceled.