March 8, 2021

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Frame Therapeutics receives prestigious SME instruments grant for starting companies


Our FramePro pipeline, combining a variety of sequencing technologies and bioinformatics, effectively identifies all Frames expressed in cancer cells. The complete collection of Frames in a tumor, the 'Framome', comprises the vast majority of the antigenicity of the tumor, a strong basis for cancer immunotherapies, applicable to almost all cancer types.

On April 15 CEO Ronald Plasterk will speak about Whole Framome cancer vaccination and how fighting cancer by stimulating the immune systems works at the Innovation for Health session 'Innovations in Immuno-oncology'.

On April 21 CSO Wigard Kloosterman will speak at the Europe NEOANTIGEN Summit about the discovery of Whole Framome cancer vaccination.

Based on a proposal ranked 'excellent', Frame Therapeutics B.V. obtained an SME instruments phase I grant to strengthen their business strategy towards market entry with personalized and off-the-shelf cancer vaccines for all cancer patients. Frame’s proposal scored in the top 5% out of almost 3,000 proposals submitted in this SME instruments funding round.

The SME instruments funding is available for 'top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists and provides support with funding opportunities and acceleration services.' Frame Therapeutics will use this support to further grow from an early startup (founded December 2018) to a clinical stage company that develops vaccines against the individual tumors of cancer patients. Frame vaccines are based on the DNA composition of the tumor, and in particular on FRAMES (neoantigens that result from frameshift mutations in genes in the tumor). With the SME grant (€50.000) the company can design strategies to strengthen its IP position, develop preclinical as well as clinical research plans, and define a portfolio of vaccine products for several major cancer types. The SME support brings Frame into a position where subsequent major investments allow execution of these plans.